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Message from the Principal

Hi Parents and Friends, 

As we get into the last quarter of the year I am reminded of a quote from Kahill Gabron “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.”  We have spent the last three quarters advancing towards what will be and I could not be more proud of our students and staff.  

We are continuing to advance more quickly than ever.  This is a time of year when we get new energy from the sun and all of the new life coming up.  Our staff is creating more and more opportunities to advance not only their learning but also their sense of self.  They are engaging in truly differentiated learning in Water Science and following passions related to our community.  Others are learning to be self-sufficient by growing a sustainable garden and using what they produce to create healthy meals. These are just a few of the exciting programs that we have going at LPOHS. 

As we advance our learning and growth, we must also be aware of our students who are struggling at this time. Whether it is from feelings of not belonging, anxiety, or depression we know that what they are going through is real for them. If you have any concerns, I would ask you to please reach out to let us know about your concerns.  We are here to support our students in any way we can. 

We want to keep on looking towards what will be.  Enjoying success in whatever form it comes in!  

Please enjoy the change in the weather, hug your student and let them know you see their growth and lastly, have a safe 4th quarter. 

Thank you,

Luke Childers


Lake Pend Oreille High School

Here we are in quarter 4!  Please check on your student's grades!

 We are tentavily accepting applications for Fall 24-25 school year.  Please give us a call or check out our application on this page for the requirements.  Please stop by or give us a call if you have any questions. 



Now accepting applications for the 

2024-2025 school year

Once completed applications are received, and we get documentation from your student's current/previous school we will set up interviews for interested applicants.

 Please call the office with any questions.

Download and print the application, or stop by the office and pick up a copy.

If you are looking to enroll your returning student please use visit the Enrollment Information page. Please call the office if you have any problems, and we can walk you through it. 

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