Day Program

LPOHS is a "School of Choice." This means that students who attend our school have chosen to pursue their high school diploma with us, and that we have chosen them to be a part of our school community. It is a big decision to choose our school because when you do, you are also choosing to accept the responsibility that comes with that choice.

All students who attend LPOHS must be qualified as "at-risk." The state has an official definition of this, but basically it means that you have experienced some sort of significant struggle at a regular high school. That struggle has put you at risk for dropping out before you earn your diploma. The State of Idaho funds Alternative High Schools like LPOHS to help at-risk students succeed. Applicants will be qualified as at risk by the counselors from their previous school or by the staff at LPOHS. If you're unsure if you're at-risk or not, go ahead and apply and we'll discuss it.

To apply to LPOHS, come in and pick up an application or download an application from this site. Fill it out and turn it in to our main office. All applicants will then be scheduled for an interview to discuss whether or not LPOHS is a good fit. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Belinda in the office at (208) 263-6121.